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So...this post was inevitable....

For many of you Avengers 2 was released yesterday, so you may or may not have seen it yet. For those of you who haven't, you may not want to carry on reading this journal as there are a few spoilers that I have divulged.

:spidey::spidey::spidey::spidey::spidey::spidey:SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!:spidey::spidey::spidey::spidey::spidey:

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I've read a lot of online reviews, and heard a few opinions from my non-comic fan friends and so far the reaction's been mixed. I'll leave a small portion of my opinion here, and I'd love to hear what your guys have to say about:

1. The Cast

My opinion - I think we all love the 'original' cast by now, and expected to see them all together the second time round. As for the newcomers (Pietro/Quicksilver & Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch , Vision) I'm still not too sure whether I like the mixture or not. I guess it's still too early to tell.

2. The Plot

My opinion - Maybe I have to see it again to fully absorb and understand exactly how Ultron makes his way into the picture during the film. They retrieve the scepter. Run tests on the gem in the lab. Discovers the AI. Goes to party. AI wakes up. Boom. Ultron.
The relationships/bromances/whatever you wanne call it between the Avengers members are tested, though not to a point of leading us down the road to Civil War as yet, which is kind of what I was looking forward to... At the end of the picture though, while Stark goes off on his own, we get a glimpse of the 'new' Avengers lineup, lead by Captain America. The Romanoff/Banner romance? No thanks.

3. Ultron

My opinion - The design? Loved it. Quite the quirky, tyrannical little robot, with a really great voice. Loved Ultron. That is all...

4. The Mjonir Scene

My opinion - Okay, i just put this one in because it was entertaining as hell, which is made even better when their fun is cut off by the high pitched screech. Enter Ultron (Mark I).

5. Your favorite Scene/ Quote

My opinion -  Scene - Vision handing Thor Mjolnir, the rest of the gang look on in complete and utter astonishment... Quote - Right now it would have to be "We're fighting an army of robots, and I have a bow and arrow." - Hawkeye.

And lastly, any thoughts on future MCU films, how the story will progress from Age of Ultron leading up to Civil War, Infinity War etc...?

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